Hard Hearts

We're gonna harden our Hearts but we will not turn and leave you here to play by yourself! Using artificial intelligence there are always three other great Hearts players sitting at the card table with you! Hard Hearts provides a challenge that you will not find at other Hearts sites!

Hard Hearts uses the same basic rules as other Hearts card game levels. The point of Hearts is to have the lowest score at the end of the game. How you manage your cards is elemental to what your score will be. Selecting your 3 cards to pass at the start of the Hearts round is at the "Heart" of Hearts strategy. Passing 3 cards is your chance to upgrade your Hearts hand. Remove the cards that will create problems for you in the game such as the Queen of Spades. After the pass, players can only discard of cards by playing them so if you have a high risk card it is best strategically to pass it.

There are other advanced Hearts strategies to employ when playing Hard Hearts. One such Hearts strategy is referred to as bleeding out the spades . Players attempting to draw every spade out of the other players hands and remove them from Hearts play are "bleeding" our the spades. Hearts players use this particular strategy when the have the Queen and do not have any other spades besides the Queen in their portion of the deck. Use passing strategies and strategies such as "bleeding out spades" to win Hard Hearts!

Difficult Hearts Card Game

  • Shooting the Moon is a fun way to give your Hearts game an exciting turn!
  • Shooting the Moon is when you get all the points in a hand.
  • When you get all 26 points, your final tally will be 0!
  • All the other players will get 26 points for the Hearts round! Awesome!


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